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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Statement

Saual Keh Hotel is committed to protecting your privacy. All the personal information such as name / company name / department / job title / work address / e-mail / telephone / cell phone / credit card number and other information provided by you, can only be used by this time, the reservation relevant contact, email transmission operated inside of hotel in Taiwan, Republic of China, not for international transmission. Without your permission, hotel will not offering your personal information to a third party, unless necessary to complete your requested service or business, or by law.

We use varieties of security technologies and procedures to help protect the safety and security of your personal information, away from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. At any time, you can also be exercised in accordance with the provisions of a funding method you requested additions and deletions update information rights, in addition to the statement of above situation, your personal information will not be provided and hotel will not contact you without your permission. Any question regarding above stated personal information protection right, please contact: mail.