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  • Breakfast Buffet 早餐吧
  • 會議室-1


Saual Keh Hotel also provide meeting room with cutting-edge technology of multi-media TV for presentation and discussion purpose along with WiFi, free fresh brewed coffee and tea served along side. 

In lobby floor, the business center offers PC for travelers to surf on internet, upload photos to share with friends in real time, the FREE SKYPE PHONE also considerately gives guest easy way to reach home or friends or business calls.


In lobby floor of hotel, Saual Keh sincerely caters guests from different cultures of the world with Buffet breakfast serves varieties of eastern and western cuisines, scramble eggs, French toast, vegetables, cereals, Chinese hot pot foods, Japanese oden, seasonal drinks of soy milk, ginger tea, all the efforts are for re-energizing guests with healthy gourmet.

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